Vers van de pers vanaf Dublin, hoofdkantoor Sales & Marketing van Google.

Google heeft een interne mail rondgestuurd met een update over Google Plus voor bedrijven. Meer dan 40.000 organisaties, ondernemingen, wereldwijd hebben interesse getoond om deel te nemen op Google Plus voor bedrijven. Google is daarom terug gegaan naar de tekenkamer.

Google is nog steeds bezig met het blokkeren van Google profielen van bedrijven maar heeft wel besloten vaart achter het project te zetten. Ze adviseren om (voor eigenaren van bedrijven) een profiel op te zetten met een ‘personal identity’.

Lees hier de mail, deze is (nog) niet gepubliceerd op een Google blog dus echt vers van de pers! Met dank aan de heer Verhees!!!!

De mail luidt:
We’re back with an update on the Google+ project and business profile whitelisting process.

A few weeks ago we announced our plans to create a Google+ product designed to better suit the needs of our brands and marketers. We set out to develop a small group, consisting of a cross section of businesses, that were eager to experiment with Google+. This experiment would have used the personal account structure, which is not optimized for business to consumer engagement. The goal was to simply learn how you, as marketers, would engage with customers in the only environment available to us in Google+.

In response we had almost 40,000 businesses, charities, teams and other groups apply to take part from all over the globe! The response has been both humbling and encouraging, but has also presented our teams with a new challenge.

With so many qualified candidates expressing intense interest in business profiles, we’ve gone back to the drawing board. The strength of your enthusiasm obligates us to get businesses involved in Google+, in the right way, even faster than we had originally planned. As a result, we have refocused a few priorities and expect to have businesses profiles up and running for everyone in the next few months. Rather than investing in an interim testing period, instead, we’re going to sprint to give all brands access to business profiles at launch.

To help our product team deliver the best possible solution it’s possible a few brands may remain active, in a focus group capacity, for the sole purpose of testing how businesses would like to use Google+.

In the meantime, we urge you not to create a business profile using the current personal profiles on Google+. The team will be taking down all non-personal entities over the next few weeks.

Here are a few recommendations on how to best engage, using Google+ in the near term.
Begin planning for business profile launch. Consider your brand icon, photo, video asset plans, welcome messages, and ways to drive traffic to building your audience.
Consider using your personal identity to connect with your audience. Whether you’re a high profile CEO (i.e. Michael Dell) or your brand’s Social Media guru, you can reach out to an audience to learn more about how they’d like to see you engage. We encourage the use of Google+, to create a social focus group, using your personal identity.

Thanks again for taking the time to apply and offer your incredibly valuable feedback. We’re excited to begin planning for our business profile solution in Google+.

Alan Moss | Director, Americas Online Sales | Google


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